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Barmaid Treat

This barmaid has a hard day ahead of her. Everything starts out fine on her shift at the bar until a man wearing a mask strolls in and demands that she follows his every order.She gets tied to the pole in the middle of the bar and he plays with her a little before he steps out to get his friends. The three men come back to discover that the barmaid has got out of her bonds and has hidden somewhere in the bar.They find her in no time and make her deep throat their cocks as they take turns fucking her until they blow their loads all over her face.

Private Uncut

This blonde bombshell is getting ready for what she thinks is a typical date. But when he shows up at her door she is soon to find out that she is going to be asked to do everything that he wants her to do. She is made to serve him food, then he ties her up makes her suck his dick,and then to top it all off he wraps her pretty little ass up in plastic wrap. You have to see what she goes through.

Spank Me

This kinky chick has been a very naughty girl… and she needs to be punished! Drop the pants and assume the fucking position!She begs for her master to spank her ass until it turns cherry red, and keeps begging until she hurts sooooooo good that she has to cuddle with him when he’s done!

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