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Barmaid Treat

This barmaid has a hard day ahead of her. Everything starts out fine on her shift at the bar until a man wearing a mask strolls in and demands that she follows his every order.She gets tied to the pole in the middle of the bar and he plays with her a little before he steps out to get his friends. The three men come back to discover that the barmaid has got out of her bonds and has hidden somewhere in the bar.They find her in no time and make her deep throat their cocks as they take turns fucking her until they blow their loads all over her face.

Private Uncut

This blonde bombshell is getting ready for what she thinks is a typical date. But when he shows up at her door she is soon to find out that she is going to be asked to do everything that he wants her to do. She is made to serve him food, then he ties her up makes her suck his dick,and then to top it all off he wraps her pretty little ass up in plastic wrap. You have to see what she goes through.

Spank Me

This kinky chick has been a very naughty girl… and she needs to be punished! Drop the pants and assume the fucking position!She begs for her master to spank her ass until it turns cherry red, and keeps begging until she hurts sooooooo good that she has to cuddle with him when he’s done!

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Anal Angel Vol.4 Mika Futaba 720p(Uncensored)

Starring: Mika Futaba
Category: Pornstar
Update: 2012/12/26
Length: 01:02:54
File Size: 1.85GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Format: wmv

Besoffene Ärsche Ficken 1

Diese neue Serie zeigt Girls, die abgefüllt wurden und dann das erste mal besoffen in den Arsch gefickt werden. Ein besonderer Leckerbissen für Fans des Außergewöhnlichen!
Genre: Amateur
Laufzeit 152 Min.
Sprache/n: German
Video Stream: DVD-RIP
Audio Stream: Stereo
Video Codec: xvid

Hightide No Limit Amateur 2

Country: Russia
Genre: Scat, Piss, Anal, Vomit, Oral, Shit eating, Urine drinking
Studio: Hightide
Starring: Barbara, Max
Video resolution: 720×576
Duration: 59 min. 32 sec.
Size: 545 Mb
Max sucked a candy, to the girl has told that it for show, he has turned an ass to the chamber, he has inserted a sweet to she into an ass and to get a smog not any more. All the same it has got a sweet from its ass, Barbara has climbed on the guy from above and shiting on him. When they used all shit Barbara,
Max has climbed on she from above and shit to she on the face. Simultaneously with an event, they still correspond in a chat and carry out wishes.




Studio: ElitePain / Dr.Lomp
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Birching, Spanking, Whipping, Nipple Torture
Director: Dr.Lomp
Year: 2012

Night24 Vol.18(Uncensored,Anal)

Size: 642 MB
Duration: 01:14:11
Categories: Oral (Forced), piss drinking, bondage, shaved, anal, enema play, CIM, hot wax
Video Format: .avi
Video codec: xvid
Language: Japanese
Uncensored: Yes

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Baracken Paul’s Opfer

Total size: 1.6
Ungefähre Laufzeit: 00:58:45
Ist das Blut auf sein Hemd ????? Es ist das erste, was Sie denken, wenn Sie sehen, schmutzig, zerrissen sleeved Barachen Paul. Sie auch nicht wissen, was seine beiden Opfer haben, aber es muss schlimm. Oder vielleicht nur, wie er es. Sie rieb sich Schmutz in ihre Gesichter, Caned und versuchen zu entkommen. Natürlich, dass macht es nur schlimmer! Sie behandelt wie Hunde … gezwungen, Runde Wasser und Lebensmitteln aus Schalen auf dem Boden. Sie sind heiß gewachst, auf und über cum. Und das ist nur die erste Szene. Barachen Paul … Meister der Demütigung!

TokyoHot The Enslavement Chisato Ayukawa(Uncensored)

Size:1,01 GB

Elite Pain Life in the Elite Pain Club 7

Details:30 min.; burning candle; single tail, cane; electric cord

Elite Pain Life in the Elite Pain Club 8

Details: 35 min.; cane, crop, single tail whips

Extreme Abstrafung

Running Time: 60 minutes
Extreme Abstrafung
Studio: Small Talk
Genres: Fetish, BDSM, Femdom, Euro, International, Genital Punishment, German Speaking
Bizzare and without mercy. The master shows his slaves what its like not to listen and obey.
Total size: 1.2 GB

Miyu Aoi(Uncensored,Anal)

Starring: Miyu Aoi
Category: Teen
Update: 2012/11/09
Length: 01:30:34
File Size: 1310 M

Model In Trouble

This sexy Latina wants to show you how submissive she can be. She struts up to the house giving you a sneak peak of her curves, molding her skimpy clothes to her shapely body. Next she enters the house, and introduces herself to her new master and his riding crop.From there he takes control of the situation. He gags her with a whip before he makes her light the candles to drip hot wax all over those perky tits of hers. Then he scrapes off the wax and plays with her belly ring before making her crawl to the bathroom to clean herself up.
Studio: Genuine Films
Approximate Running Time: 01:30:30

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Dan Hawke Purple Passion

Jenni Lee is drug into Dan’s warehouse by her bound wrists which he places overhead. He toys with her body a bit before tearing her dress down the front and her panties from her loins. A tight crotch rope is applied and the cord is tied to her nipples from which he hangs heavy padlocks. He leaves her to suffer and she is then hogtied in chains on a platform. Dan works her over with a crop for a bit before hoisting her into the air by her wrists and ankles. She spins in helpless suffering.Jenni is again dressed in purple and tied to a chair. Dan runs a rope from her pussy through a pulley before tying it off to her ankle. He hoists her ankle high and we watch the rope grind between her cunt lips. Now we find Jenni naked except for shoes and thigh highs, tied spread eagle. Additionally, a narrow two-by-two beam is pressing against her sore vulva.
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:17:15
File size: 705.2 MB

Dan Hawke Tormented Party Girl

Trina is taken into Dan’s playroom. Her cool, elegant good looks and haughty demeanor make her the embodiment of every snobbish woman you’ve ever wanted. Dan ties her wrists over her head, fits her with a ball gag and fondles her through her dress, before removing it. He tears off her panties and replaces the ball gag by taping the panties in her mouth. He straps one foot to her thigh and flogs her ass red as she spins.
Now Tina is tied to a chair. Dan adds a pussy rope and lifts her up and down via her sweet sex as her legs tremble with strain. After many lifts, Dan ties the rope off leaving the girl to struggle against gravity. Then Trina is compelled to stand, bent over, using a rope that runs from her collar through her pussy and attached overhead. Dan works her ass over with a selection of crops, whips and paddles. Then Trina is compelled to kneel, bound at wrists ankles and feet. A crotch rope pulls her hips outwards and upwards. After some cropping Dan ties her hair back to her bound elbows.
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:32:59
File size: 843.1 MB

Dirty Director Set 7

Size:2.3 GB
Duration:161 mins

Elite Pain Castings Giggi

12 Jul 2012
Length: 20:28
Format:WMV HD
Age: 24

Mesubuta Izumi Yamamoto(Uncensored)

Release : 2012-08-15
Name:Izumi Yamamoto
Age:21 years old
Size:T 165cm B 83cm W 59cm H 86cm
Genre:Outrage Hook Bareback Assult Authentic Account
Play:Sperm Fellatio

Mesubuta Kotomi Mano(Uncensored)

Name:Kotomi Mano
Age:18 years old
Size:T 158cm B 86cm W 59cm H 85cm
Genre:Filming Of Sex Authentic Account Bareback SM Assult
Play:Cum Shot Deep Throat Profanity Fellatio Sperm Bondage Gulp Sperm Vibrator

Mesubuta Risa Konoue(Uncensored)

Name:Risa Konoue
Age:30 years old
Size:T 160cm B 84cm W 58cm H 85cm
Genre:Assult Authentic Account Gangbang Outrage Bareback
Play:Vaginal Cumshot Sperm Cum Face Deep Throat Fellatio

Mesubuta Syoko Kagami(Uncensored)

Name:Syoko Kagami
Age:19 years old
Size:T 148cm B 84cm W 57cm H 84cm
Genre:Closed door Outrage Bareback Filming Of Sex Assult Authentic Account
Play:Sperm Deep Throat Fellatio Cunnilingus Vaginal Cumshot

PerverX Kamila


Pornstar Punishment 3

[IMG] />
“I Deserve What’s Mine” – Shyla and James are recently divorced. When Shyla starts seeing their boss, James can’t take it anymore. He hears them talking about their upcoming date and James takes out his anger on Shyla’s Ass!
“Shaw-Slut Redemption” – Bridgette is a corrupt prison guard who likes to sexually abuse the inmates. When things go too far, two prisoners tear up her ass and pussy instead.
“Ten Dollar Whore” – Alanah tricks James into investing all his money in the stock market. After stealing his money, James tracks her down and takes his revenge on her ass!
“Cathartic Coitus” – Scott and Krissy decided to try to work out their troubles and keep their relationship going. After Krissy skips out on a date, Scott gets in 1 last hate fuck!
“Revenge” – While getting ready for a shoot for Brazzers Live, Nikki loses track of time and misses the entire shoot. Everybody is pissed at her and there is only one way to make it up!

Urabukkake Asami(Uncensored)

Resolution: 960×540
Duration: 37:53
File Type: mp4
File Size: 854 Mb

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Abuse In The Woods

Release Year: 2011
Studio: PainVixens
Genres: Bondage,BDSM , Spanking,Tortures, Whipping, ass, oral, hardcore
Video language: English
Extreme torture and humiliation of females do go to those suffering because it gives them delight unrealistic
Format: mp4
Duration: 54:10
Audio: 124kbps
File size: 645.4 MB

Catch Of The Day

You’re walking about looking around at the nice articles of clothing as you are walking around the marketplace. Nothing thinking straight, but there are eyes watching you as you switch you’re bottom in those heels.Instead of a normal approach, they chase you into an industrial area where you have no hiding spaces. What other choice do you have, but to give up the puntang and fuck them all at once? It may be fun or you may not like it all!
Approximate Running Time: 00:54:20
Size:899 mb

Caught And Punished

A woman thinks that she can sneak into a car graveyard and take what isn’t hers. The owner soon shows her a lesson in humility when he catches and punishes her for her transgression.Whips, chains, switches, and lots of spankings to go around! Stealing is wrong. But punishment isn’t! You’ll love this seriously sexy punishment!
Approximate Running Time:01:53:53
File size:1350 mb

Los Guarros De Vallecas

Hier seht Ihr den vielleicht befremdensten und perversesten Film, den Eure Augen jemals erblickt haben! Seht, wie diese versauten Spanier ein paar sexy Ladies erniedrigen, in dem sie sie mit verschiedenen Nahrungsmitteln vollschmieren, überschütten, und sie anschliessend gnadenlos durchficken und vollwichsen! Ein echt wilder Trip, den Ihr Euch nicht entgehen lassen solltet! Videos: Los Guarros De Vallecas
Stars: Pedro Penepiedra, Brandy Emerson, Logan Alone, Meiga Do Porto, Ariana Da Lima, Harry Petas, Willy Foc
Studio: FSX Productions
Size:2.2 Gb

Neo-Miracle Anal Scream Enema(Uncensored)


Neo-Miracle Atsuko Kadomura(Uncensored)

Size: 680021522 bytes (648,52 MiB)
Duration: 01:00:20, avg.bitrate: 1503 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s
Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 720×480, 1295 kb/s, 29,97 fps(r)

Night24 Kazumi(Uncensored,Anal)

Size:1400 mb

Night24 Tomomi(Uncensored,Anal)


Pornstars Punishment 6

Running Time:02:35:27
File size:1400 mb

Thrills Of The Unknown

Studio: Pain Vixens
Genre: BDSM, Nipple Anguish, Bondage Movies,Extreme Humiliation, Rose Anguish, Hard-core Gang Fucks
It was other secret afternoon tryst for Rhonda and Michelle. They had been sneaking away from work in the middle of the day to explore their lesbie fantasies, but today, they chose the wrong spot for lovemaking, as three brutes spied them, and decided to help themselves to their juicy pussies. Blond Michelle was the first to feel their brutins intentions. her panties undressed away, presently one of the perverts was pushing his throbbing python into her shaved vulva, and his mate getting in on the activity receiving a horny sloppy oral pleasure from their golden-haired captive. Michelle felt like such a streetwalker, but these foul lads had suck huge manmeats, she was becoming overwhelmed with wish and she was beginning to feel that this was definitely her favoured day. While Michelle serviced her two gigantic cocked captors, Brunette Rhonda had been taken away and roughly groped by a third boy. He too undressed her panties and fingerfucked her, moistening her cunt for his inevitable permeating. Captive Rhonda’s cunt was cruelly thrusted, but she too soon found herself aroused beyond her control. She fucked his throbbing manmeat as serious as she could, waiting for his erotic burden of cum. This abduction fantasy movie is an worthy demonstrate of how new partners are made in germany.
File size: 550.1 MB
Running Time:00:47:12

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Bukkake Slave 3

Bukkake Slave 3

Release Year: 2009
Studio: Benson Media Productions
Cast: Tigerr Benson
Genres: Gonzo,Fetish,Interracial,Asian,Water Sports,Pissing,Group sex(Threesome,MMF),Sex Toys,BDSM,Facial,Humiliation
Video language: English
We’d be interested in renting the ’slave’ for use at our private members club.. I think the slave will earn quite a bit if she sucks and fucks as well as she does on your DVD, I promise 20 or more eager cocks willing to teach the slut a lesson on how to serve!
Format: asf
Duration: 51:22
File size: 753.2 MB

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Judicial Caning 3

Judicial Caning 3

After having been caught shoplifting, 2 girls must now pay the penalty for their offence.They face 6 months in prison, but as an alternative they can voluntarily undergo corporal punishment in the form of 40 strokes administered with the cane.Both girls decide to accept the uncomfortable alternative, but will they regret their choice?Disciplinary punishment administered pursuant to official sanction can be brutally painful.Despite being conducted under medical supervision, the heavy wetted cane nonetheless bites all too cruelly into the soft tender flesh of bare young bottoms.They will both be beaten without mercy until their posteriors are striped with swollen welts and fresh tears of pain and remorse start to flow.For these two girls, their shoplifting days will be behind them.
Format: avi
Duration: 50:25
File size: 326.0 MB

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