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Lula Games

The Sexy Empire

After holding a bank and shooting guards, your two criminal buddies abandon you out in the middle of the desert, taking all the loot with them.

This is where you start the game: In a quiet desert town, almost broke, and with the FBI on your heels. You meet up with Lula, an aspiring 'actress', and together decide to make your ways to the top.

Wet Attack: The Empire Cums Back

The main character searches for Lula, who is lost in space. On board the spaceship The Tit the protagonist must explore faraway planets and gather information concerning Lula's whereabouts.


Lula has grown-up and has done very well for herself. Her movie career has taken off and she owns a lavish home in Beverly Hills, California. She is just beginning the production of her new film when tragedy strikes -- Three of her best porn stars are kidnapped! Using clues left behind, it is up to the player to guide the curvaceous Lula on their trail.
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