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File Name : STM-2016-02-01 - Helen White, Stacey O'Connell.wmv
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Duration : 00:07:07

Helen & Stacey are alone in class, as Stacey reads through her work Helen leans in behind her and tips itching powder down her collar. Stacey can feel something is wrong; she starts to rub her neck, loosening her tie and undoing her top button. Helen is finding it very amusing and she moves around to the front of the desk to have a better view. As Stacey’s itching gets more intense & erratic she strips off more and more of her sexy little uniform, rubbing her hand & nails all over her cute body. As Helen laughs harder at her predicament Stacey soon realises what has happened and snatches the itching powder from Helen, throwing it all over her! Now covered in her own itching powder she can’t stand it and quickly strips all her slutty uniform & lingerie too as Stacey laughs at her. Revenge is sweet!

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