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[130322AMFR-04][Phoenix Entertainment] 快楽殺人調査官 KOJI

24-03-2013, 05:45 PM
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[130322AMFR-04][Phoenix Entertainment] 快楽殺人調査官 KOJI
[130322AMFR-04][Phoenix Entertainment] 快楽殺人調査官 KOJI
[Image: 16374638_55678.jpg]
Release: 26.03.1999 till 23.07.1999
File Size: 1.03 GB
Brand: Phoenix Entertainment
Title: 快楽殺人調査官 KOJI
Stuntman by day, Sex Murder Investigation Officer by night, Koji Yamada seeks to reclaim his forgotten past. Along with a team of misfits, Koji investigates murders involving extreme dismemberment. These kinds of murders tend to be perpetrated by no ordinary human—for the Sex Murder Investigation Unit hunts demons.
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http://]]*BANNED FILE HOSTS*/file/ji2ay4ow/130322AMFR-04.part1.rar
http://]]*BANNED FILE HOSTS*/file/t1m9nztr/130322AMFR-04.part2.rar
http://]]*BANNED FILE HOSTS*/file/kn53m8dm/130322AMFR-04.part3.rar
http://]]*BANNED FILE HOSTS*/file/7bw5aizt/130322AMFR-04.part4.rar
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